6/11/19: The 2019 Growing Season is On!


clones acclimating in the shade

Hello everyone, CannaDan here after a very long winter break!   There are plenty of new things to talk about including new nurseries, new strains, and new recipes.  With a few minor delays the 2019 growing season has started!

Darkheart Nursery Breaks Up With Harborside

Despite cannabis being legal for adult consumption now for 2 years in California, getting quality clones seems be getting harder than ever.  Last year, just as the outdoor growing season was getting started, Harborside’s selection of clones suddenly decreased to the point where you were lucky to get anything and we were stuck mostly with new, unpredictable strains.  This year a similar thing happened; for reasons unknown, Harborside no longer carries Darkheart clones making it even harder to find quality plants in the bay area.

Royal Budline Saves the Day

While Harborside no longer carries Darkheart clones, we managed to find a few dispensaries that do; unfortunately those dispensaries would only carry one or two strains and were a far distance to travel.  Fortunately, Harborside found another nursery to provide clones; Royal Bud Line.  Their website focuses on salves and makes no mention of clones and the clones that they offer at Harborside are mostly strains that I’ve never heard of.  It looks like 2019 will be an experimental year with new strains and a new nursery.

The Plants


a clone that has been planted

Once again I am planning on maximizing my legal harvest by growing 6 cannabis plants.  This year I was hoping to score some of Darkheart’s Chocolate Tonic CBD but it seems to have disappeared from the market (along with most of Darkheart’s strains).  Faced with a new nursery and unfamiliar strains, I decided to get some plants I am familiar with along with some new faces.  Here are the cannabis plants I will growing in 2019:

1. Blue Dream

Big and beautiful, Blue Dream is a strain every cannabis grower should try at some point.  This easy to grow sativa produces some of the largest colas in the cannabis kingdom and it’s heavy yields are great for growers interested in processing their cannabis into tinctures or edibles.  I’ve grown this plant before and am very happy Royal Bud Line carries it; I’ll be growing two Blue Dreams this year.

2. Mango Kush

Another familiar strain that I’ve grown before, Mango Kush is a great indica for outdoor growers that has a great flavor profile.  I am particularly happy to have gotten this one as  I am getting low on my Mango Kush tincture stock.

3. Orangeade

The first of many strains that I’ve never heard of, Orangeade is supposed to be a sativa dominant strain that descends from Tangie and Purple Punch, two strains that I have heard of but have never grown.

4. Purple Punch

Speaking of Purple Punch, I’m growing that too!  Purple Punch is an indica-dominant strain that descends from Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple.  I have never grown a parent strain along with one of it’s children; it will be interesting to see how Purple Punch and Orangeade compare!

5. Sour Afghani

Easily the most mysterious of the new strains that I am growing; this strain doesn’t seem to appear in google searches!  I’m guessing it’s an alternate name for Afghan Sour Kush, an indica dominant strain that mixes Afghani and Sour Kush; Sour Kush is itself a descendant of Sour Diesel which means this plant could have the genetics to be a very large producer.

Planting Late, Keeping an eye on the Weather


back row, left to right: blue dream, mango kush   front row: blue dream, sour afghani, purple punch


I usually try to purchase my plants in early May, let them acclimate for 2 weeks, and then plant them in the middle of May; with all of the delays in finding plants I’ve only given them 1 week to acclimate and was able to plant them in the first week of June.  I’ve seen growers produces successful crops with such a late planting but am a bit nervous that they won’t have enough time for vegetative growth.  The plants have survived the recent heat wave however, which is always a good sign.  The 2019 growing season has officially started.



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